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SEO practices are basic and necessary for the success of any website in the virtual world. You may have created your own site, but why does it not appear on the search engine results page for researchers?! The reason is simply because of not applying the correct Search Engine Optimization steps.

90% of searchers only
click on 1st-page results.

Studies have proven that:
SEO is one of the steps that many ignore and see as not important, and instead focus their effort on paid marketing, even though it is 100% free. Invest in yourself in the SEO course to improve and develop your site with free methods and gain more traffic and new customers.

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Online Course


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Should I attend a SEO course?

Quite simply, if you have a business which you have built a website for and want to grow the number of traffic, or you have a passion to be a SEO professional, then an SEO course is what you or your business needs!

will you

1. What is the meaning of SEO?

2. Why is SEO important for my website?

3. How does SEO work؟

4. How can I optimize my SEO?

5. How does SEO work؟

6. How can I measure my

7. SEO performance?

8. Case studies

9. Tips & Notes

Information About The Trainer

Abdullah Abdulrahman Al-Ghadouni
Who is it for - Triggers DIgital Marketing

How Will The Training Be?! & What Is The Method ?

In this workshop, we will provide you with a brief working method with easy steps that pave the way for you to become a Professional Search Engine Optimizer. The practical application in this training course is through assigning tasks and applying your knowledge in real life scenarios, in addition to the quizzes after each lesson.

How Long Is The Program?

The course takes two hours of a full week of training and learning through educational videos, short tests and tools that will help you improve your performance during the program.

Abdullah Alghadouni &
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