The Core of Marketing

The Core of Marketing and why it is important?

The core is where things start. In the business environment, we are dealing with multiple factors that impact our results. What slips from practitioners is the foundation. I remember when we wanted to start up our company a while ago, we have thought of the skills we need to build this business. The first thing that came to mind was selling. Yet with the passage of time, we realized that selling is an important factor, but it is not the core. To sell marketing services you need to build a knowledge core for your talents. Because what we sell is the time from talented winners we have at Triggers.

Service business usually relies on human-powered skills. Whether you are an agency or not, in marketing practice you need the core. You need the knowledge and the basics set right. It is all about digital today. So what kind of skills and expertise your team has?

I will tell you what we did. We have mapped our services to the skills needed

. So let’s say your marketing department has digital media planning, analytics, and content. So this means you need a team that is equipped with knowledge and experience with tools in content analysis, data analytics, and digital ads foundations.

It is better to have a horizontal knowledge baseline where all your staff is on the same page. What we did is made sure that no one can continue in their job without this knowledge at the company. Then we stick to it.

You can do that too, it will make sure that you have a solid operator in the team that can deliver your objectives.

The CDMP program is designed for this. It takes the Ten core topics of digital marketing and takes your team through them in an extensive program over five days. This happens by expert lecturers that have multiple years of experience.

This is it, go win your business and your team at the next

the core of marketing
The Core in Marketing,Marketing,Digital Marketing

TRIGGERS ACADEMY course program.

CDMP ( Certified Digital Marketing Professional) certification.
10 Topics
Introducing digital marketing
  1. Content marketing
  2. Website optimization
  3. Email marketing
  4. Search engine marketing
  5. Search engine optimization
  6. Social media ads
  7. Display and video ads
  8. Social media marketing
  9. Analytics and KPIs
  10. Strategy

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