How to become a digital marketer?

Who said it will be EASY?

.My start was not necessary within the frame of a digital marketer role. When I first joined a consulting firm back in 2008, I thought “Wow” I made it. I will get to learn and know it all here. I was assigned as a business development specialist in the online business and solutions services. My job was to sell websites, portals, CRM systems, business processes, analytics, and digitization. It was cool back then and all these topics were fairly new globally. The challenge was that there were no Academic references, and mostly not even online. The work environment pushes you to learn it yourself and kick the boundaries to learn and grow fast. I had access to research databases and professional studies like Forrester’s, Gartner’s, and others. This was a privilege indeed and it has placed me in the right direction towards a healthy digital marketing development on both the personal and career levels.

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Making the most of what I had

Since I had access to information resources, I was capable of gaining the needed knowledge which led me to acquire the language of (selling). it all comes to me in a flashback now when I hear someone ask (how can I become a digital marketer?)

The academic reference to digital marketing is still weak and scarce. The main references are either provided by digital platforms like Facebook, Google, and others, or by professional bodies like the Digital Marketing institute. a

LIMITS, not a Digital Marketer word

The game is not about the tools or the material, it is your mindset. No limitations today and scarcity of resources for digital marketing. It is there and available for most people. It just needs you to be there and show up. Let me share here the story of Christopher.

It is a story of a man that was capable of changing his life within 2 years. He was working in one of the men’s salon chains in Dubai as a receptionist. He then decided that he does not want to spend the rest of his life stuck in some admin work. He likes Facebook and browsing content online most of the time, mostly like you when cruising through Instagram, YouTube, or any other social media platform.

Then he realized that he could use his passion for browsing the internet to become a professional in this domain and learn digital marketing. He joined a weekend program over 5 Saturdays, then he prepared for the exam and passed it.

He has not worked in marketing before, nor has he studied it prior to his reception job. Now he is a digital marketing manager and makes 6 times his reception salary. How cool is that?! So the name of the game here is the DETERMINATION to WIN. You have the skills and you have the passion. You are required to be determined that you will win your fears and win your focus battle.

We know there is not enough time and it is not fun to go reading or trying to learn how to set up a digital campaign on Instagram in time you can go watch a movie with your friends in the cinema.

!Your progress, Your CALL

It is upon you to decide on what matters the most. It is indeed a tedious process, to learn and re-learn and make sure to stay on top of it all as the digital marketing game keeps evolving and changing by the day keeping us on our toes. If you are really planning to become a digital marketer, then I suggest you join a professionally structured program that is presented by competent experts who have long time experience in the game.

This will make you learn and understand how they paved their paths through the digital marketing era and became the successful individuals they are today.

Never underestimate your capabilities, because you have the brains and the will to win and become better than the experts you know in digital marketing today. We presented this program for Christopher and we are passing the message to you now. Join the upcoming Triggers Academy’s digital marketing professional certification program now.

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